Hotel with rooftop bar Paris, Opéra Liège of course

Of all the advantages that hotels can offer, a panoramic rooftop terrace always has a mad charm that gives, whatever the reason for its presence, a summery and festive air. Choosing a hotel with a rooftop bar in Paris, as the Opéra Liège is therefore essential for a successful stay.


The roofs of Paris, the ideal setting for a rooftop bar in Paris

The roofs of Paris have been sung for generations. All the hotels that can do so highlight the view from the rooms over these famous rooftops. Seeing the great places of the capital, the romantic idea that one has of these rooms under the roofs, there is a whole craze conveyed by this image. But there's even better, it's being on the rooftops of Paris. And that's what the Rooftop Bar in Paris at the Opéra Liège Hotel offers. A welcoming terrace, a magnificent setting, services to suit all requests, whether it's a simple cocktail party or a private or professional event. In the middle of the vegetation, ecology taking an important place in the philosophy of the establishment, the atmosphere of this rooftop bar in Paris is very pleasant.


Rooftop bar in Paris, but not only

It would be a pity to reduce the Opéra Liège Hotel only to its rooftop bar in Paris. In fact, it is this bar that is the symbol of the quality of the rest of the establishment. First of all, you will like the second bar, the one installed indoors. You will obviously be charmed by these 4-star rooms with all the necessary comfort and a decoration that is both sober and elegant. You won't remain insensitive either to the ecological approach of the place which makes the Opéra Liège the first hotel in France to definitively do away with single-use plastic. With 100,000 different containers avoided each year, staying in this hotel with a rooftop bar in Paris is a major ecological gesture for the planet. Continental breakfast, concierge service, room service, top-of-the-range bedding, nothing is missing from your comfort in this magnificent hotel with rooftop bar just a stone's throw from the St Lazare train station. With the metro nearby and your proximity to the capital's major sites, you won't miss out on anything it has to offer during your stay.

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